How To Play Roulette

If you are fond of playing at the casinos, then the game of roulette is probably common for you. Go to this site to find the best aussie online casino sites where you can play roulette. And if you love online roulette, maybe you can love slot games too. Here you can find a list with the latest online slot websites where you can try this game. But what if you’re not familiar with this game and you want to know more about it? What is this game of chance called roulette and how do you play it? In this article, we are going to know more about the game of roulette from the basic rules of the game as well as the many variations of this game that is often associated with gambling. This article is created to educate individuals on how to play roulette as a game for leisure or as a way of making money through betting.

Definition Of Roulette

To begin with the discussion, let’s start off by knowing the definition of roulette. The roulette is a type of casino game or a game of chance that is named after the wheel used in playing the game (basically, it means “Diminutive Wheel” in French). It originated in France and its first game was played in the 17th century. The game uses the Roulette wheel, which is a round wooden wheel usually paced at the center of the table with odd and even numbers (also with slots in color red or black) along with a ball that will be thrown while the disk is spinning. The objective of the game is that players will place on a bet as to where will the ball rest after spinning the wheel. Bets are done by choosing whether the ball will land on a single digit or 2 digit numbers, if it’s going to land on the color red or black, or will it rest on an odd or even number. The Croupier is the facilitator of the game and he’s responsible for spinning the wheel and throwing the ball at the opposite direction of the spin.

Since the invention of the game, the roulette is played in many variations and it is usually found inside the many casinos all over the world.

Types Of Roulette

Here are some variations of the game of roulette:

  1. The French Or European roulette – the basic rules of the game apply with and the player can choose from the 37 numbers/slots (numbered 1-36 with 1 zero slot) inside the wheel
  2. The American roulette – the basic rules are also used in this game however, there are 38 numbers/slots used for the betting of the players (numbered 1-36 with 2 zero slots parallel to each other)
  3. California roulette – a type of game that is legalized in the state of California in 2004. The same principle of the game is still applied, but the croupier must use cards and not slots to pick the winning lucky number on the wheel
  4. Canasta roulette – this game is played in Costa Rica where it follows the same rules of a double zero layout roulette, but instead of using the wheel the numbers are picked inside a wired caged with numbered balls like the one you usually see in bingo games
  5. Russian roulette – this is a deadly form of roulette that is not usually played leisurely although some are still tempted to try their luck on this. The game involves a revolver and a bullet. The players involved will have to turn the cylinder and then point at the muzzle on their head and pull the trigger. This game is usually played to settle personal differences. It’s named after Russia as it’s supposed country of origin


All in all, roulette is a game of chance and the lucky ones always predict the winning number. So if you want to play this game, be sure to set aside some bills on your pocket as you will have to bet in order to play. And always remember to control yourself as the game can be addicting and you might not want to lose big money in the end. Just play for fun and you will surely be having a great time. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge on this article about how to play roulette.