How to Claim Your Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are some of the things that keep online casinos competitive against each other. You’ll find all sorts of bonuses around the web for each casino. Some bonuses are exclusive to particular sites and companies, while others are generally available for all users.

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It’s great to look for casino bonuses, but how can you claim the bonuses once you’ve found them?

Claiming New Signup Bonuses

In most cases sing-up bonuses are the easiest to claim. There are two ways in which it usually happens. First, when you’re signing up the online casino may ask if you have any promo codes to enter for a bonus. These are usually for no-deposit start up bonuses and not for any deposit bonuses.

For new sign up deposit bonuses you will usually have to enter your bonus codes during the deposit transaction. Most of the cashier areas of the site will ask you for a promo code while you are making your first deposit and any subsequent deposits. For first-time deposit bonuses you have to use the promo when you make the beginning deposit and cannot use it for any other following deposits!

Claiming Existing Account Bonuses

Those users that get a bonus with their existing accounts can also claim them in a similar way. For obvious reason they cannot claim sign up bonuses, but many users can get some small appreciative bonuses throughout their time as members on a specific casino site.

Redeeming that bonus can be as simple as going to the cashier page and entering the promo code you’re given, or just clicking a button to accept the bonus given out by the online casino company itself. If it’s a third-party offering the promo, they may have specific instructions for you to follow to get your share of the casino bonuses available.

New Account Casino Bonuses Versus Existing Account Bonuses

Bonuses are given by casinos to all sorts of people, not just one demographic of users. Every online casino wants you to start an account on their site and keep playing there as long as possible. To attract you there and keep you coming back, they use awesome bonuses.

But, is it better to go for new casino account bonuses or to stick around for whatever existing account bonuses they give out?

Benefits for New Accounts

New sign-ups tend to have some pretty good bonuses offered to them, because the competition over account sign-ups is fairly high. Because everyone wants to attract you to their site and avoid driving you away to the competition, casinos are willing to dish out a bit extra to catch your eye.

This includes bonuses like no-deposit bonuses, matched deposits, free bets, and free spins on the slots. All of these can be a great way to get people to come to your casino site instead of your competitor’s, even if you are both offering otherwise similar services.

Many casino sites will go big on the sign-up bonuses because they know it will only be a one-time thing per every account. These bonuses cannot be claimed twice, and once a user signs up they are more likely to continue playing instead of going to join a different site.

Casino Bonuses for Existing Users

Existing users on a casino site usually don’t get a lot of bonuses or incentives. Around the major international holidays there can be some casino bonuses dished out to all, but they are usually not very substantial as every user with an account is eligible to receive the bonus. It would be too expensive to send each and every user a large bonus throughout the year!